Residential Cleaning Service

Want to simplify your life? Shamrock Cleaning Service can give you freedom from the weekly burden of household chores. When it comes to home cleaning, no one offers a service like us. Our team of trained professionals will clean every inch of your house, including ceilings, windows and appliances.

  • Complete, spotless service.
  • Whole home or specific rooms only.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

Business Cleaning Service

Need us to clean your office of small business? We provide quality cleaning services you can depend on at a price you can afford. Regardless of your type of business, our services covers all settings. We will go wherever your workplace is and clean it with the utmost discretion.

  • Warehouses, offices, clinics and others.
  • Our team won’t interrupt your business.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.


Windows and Floor Cleaning

Floors and windows suffer a lot with weather and use. We utilize treatment and restoration techniques that will bring back a brand new look to both.

  • Washing and polishing to bring out the shine.
  • If needed, waxing and shaving of the floors.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction.

Both are very time consuming to clean. Our team is trained to clean with efficiency, so that you can relax while we do the hard part.


Professional Affordable Home and Business Cleaning Service

If none of the services listed fit your needs, give us a call and we can arrange something specifically for you. Tell us what you have in mind and how might we help and we will schedule a visit as soon as possible!


Next Steps…

For the best cleaning service you can depend on at prices you can afford, contact us today to see how Shamrock Cleaning Service of Taunton can keep your home or business clean from dust, dirt and grime.